Free Pro Enterprise
Translations between 81 languages yes yes yes
Language bar with flags yes yes yes
Free automatic machine translation yes yes yes
Analytics yes yes yes
Enable search engine indexing no yes yes
Search engine friendly no yes Yes
Meta data translation no yes yes
Ability to edit translations no yes yes
Cache support no yes yes
URL Translation no no Yes
Ability to edit translated URLs no no Yes
Translation Delivery Network no no yes
Centralized translation cache no no yes
Language hosting no no yes
No server requirements no no yes
Seamless updates no no yes
Support and updates Limited 1 year Lifetime
Price Free $105
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Main Features

Automatic translation

Your site will be translated instantly upon installation.

Search engine indexing

Allows different search engines to index the translated pages of your website for wider audiences. People will be able to find a product you sell by searching in their native language.

Search engine friendly

You will have a separate URL for each language. For example French version of your site will have with Pro or with Enterprise.

URL Translation

The URLs of your website will also be translated which is very important for multilingual SEO.

Translation editing

You will be able to edit the translations manually with our inline editor directly from the context.

Professional translations

You will be able to order professional translations directly from your website.

Centralized translation cache

Translation cache will be kept on our cloud network. We will improve the cache over time using crowd sourced and professional translations.

Language hosting

You can have a separate domain for each language. For example you can host French version of your site on and it will rank higher on local search engines results.

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Translation Delivery Network