Translation Delivery Network

The future of website translation solutions is with Translation Delivery Network (TDN). A cloud network which will deliver translations for websites.

There are no server requirements to use our cloud network. Your site can be hosted on any webserver and written on any programming language.

You don't need to install and maintain a software. We provide a service which is managed and updated by us seamlessly. You just enjoy the up to date service every day.

You can have a separate sub-domain/domain for each language. For example you can have French version available on or host it on and it will rank higher on local search engines results.

The translation cache will be kept in our cloud network. We will improve the translations over time using crowd sourced and professional human translations. So the translation quality will increase over time.

This version can be deployed in minutes, making it attractive for companies that do not want to or cannot alter their web server environment.

The beauty of this approach is that it requires no software changes on the web server.