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alt GTranslate can translate any HTML website and make it multilingual. We have created easy to setup and configure extensions for the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal. Learn more about why do you need to have a multilingual website and Go multilingual!

If you have a different CMS or just a static HTML website you can customize and get the GTranslate widget. Your site can be written in any programming language including PHP, ASP, .NET (C#) and hosted on any web-server.


In today's multicultural environment, having a multilingual website is a dire necessity for any business to succeed on a truly global scale.

Internet has made it much easier to enter foreign markets. The key is to create a website that is interesting and suitable to the country which you are targeting.

Just by having your Joomla website in five to eight major languages of the world you will definitely experience a boost in sales. Multilingual Joomla website will also work wonders for your company's reputation. It will give your customer's the impression that you care for them. A multilingual Joomla website саn increase your chances of getting them to purchase from you.

With GTranslate you will break down the language barrier and make your business global with your multilingual Joomla site. In order to create a multilingual Joomla website you just need to install GTranslate using Joomla extension manager. GTranslate free module allows you to use Google Translate and enable the language selector for easy switching between languages. When you install the Gtranslate Pro plugin you will get your multilingual Joomla site indexed by search engines. You will have a separate URL for each translated language. You will be able to edit the translations manually. The Enterprise version allows you to host different languages on subdomains and national domains.


GTranslate CEO Edvard Ananyan is going to mentor Lucas Castro from Brazil to develop Joomla Translations project in frames of Google Summer of Code 2012 program.

It is going to help Joomla translation teams to have a central place where they can localize Joomla project.

Extension developers will have a chance to upload their extension into the system and volunteers can translate them using easy to use translation environment.

We hope that it will help Joomla to spread wider all over the world and become the official place for downloading Joomla language packs.